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Success Stories from My Happy Couples

It helped us to build a new beautiful life together, something even more beautiful than before.

Rated 5 out of 5

The pain caused by the Infidelity compelled us to seek counseling. We both wanted to get answers to why it happened and how to recover from it. Eventually when we decided to give our lives together another chance, we were in desperate need of learning how to avoid experiencing it again.
As the betrayed, I initially had zero intention to give my partner another chance. I couldn’t believe there is any method in this world that can help me to rebuild the trust. But, when I attended the sessions and saw how Dr. Alsaleem took both of us accountable for our actions, how he helped us to identify the underlying reasons and coming up with an action plan to recover; then I started thinking there might be a chance for rebuilding the trust. The biggest difference that his method offers is within its practicality. His method is not just theoretical, it outlines practical steps to address small and big issues. For me, seeing actions brought peace of mind and I gradually started to learn how to let go of anger and grief, and instead worked on rebuilding our relationship.
My partner was also shocked and confused of how all of the events unfolded which led to infidelity given the deep love and connection we had. He really took the steps and surrendered himself to the process that Dr. Alsaleem laid out. In his own words, Dr.Alsaleem not only resurrective a new love and begging for us, but also made him to define and uphold a set of values that makes him successful in all of his personal and professional relationships.
It was extremely helpful because it helped us to build a new beautiful life together. Something even more beautiful than before. We went through the pain together and we created a new form of bond. We learned that we are bigger than the pain and we are strong enough to overcome difficult obstacles. We could have just left each other but if we did, the resentment and trauma would have stayed with us. It helped us to replace the unresolved emotions with forgiveness, patience and love. And as a result we both became better people.


The therapy touched nearly every aspect of my life.

Rated 5 out of 5

When I met Talal I felt lost in a storm of my own making. In blind desperation I began looking and buying every self help book on infidelity I could get my hands on. I felt like I was drowning and reaching for a lifeboat. Then I found Talal’s book . I read it in one sitting and nearly highlighted the entire thing. His words seemed almost commonsensical -not an easy task. It seemed, without having met me, that he knew of my exact situation and thoughts. I had never before sought therapy and at one point in my life would have ridiculed the idea. I now realize that speaking with someone trained, whose only interest is to help, is a profound breakthrough of modern society. In particular the idea that infidelity could be the “best worst thing” to happen to our marriage gave me hope. I agreed with the idea that if the relationship was to end then it would be important to finally have honesty and clarity of why that happened. If the relationship is to survive, then similarly I would need to face and fix profound shortcomings that lead me to this point. To paraphrase the divorce lawyer turned relationship advisor, James Sexton: if you had the skills to get yourself out of this mess you would not be in this mess to begin with. I want to save my marriage and I realized I did not have the skills to do it on my own.
The problem seemed insurmountable. By breaking it into smaller pieces it became manageable.
Reliving the story and seeing how much hurt I have caused was painful but necessary. It led to realizing many “individual factors” and became as much about personal therapy as couple’s therapy. As Talal pointed out: these are issues I would need to fix regardless of whether our marriage continues. It was particularly helpful for Talal to describe the actions so that to the extent it is possible would not apply a label or value judgment.
It is difficult to summarize how helpful the therapy was because it touched nearly every aspect of my life. The two most helpful categories however are self knowledge and communication skills. I realized I had many character traits that were maladaptive and unhelpful to me as a person – regardless of whether I was in a relationship or not. Seeing one’s own flaws laid bare is never pleasant but by describing the behavior without judgement or label I was able to more clearly see what actions I needed to take.
Secondly, I was able to recognize patterns of dysfunctional communication styles. Now, months since our last session I still find myself using terms borrowed from our sessions.


You helped us see what a healthy marriage should look like and encouraged us to have that.

Rated 5 out of 5

My husband’s infidelity and his confession to me led him to buying your book online. After reading it and seeing the step by step approach, I was interested in trying it out. I wanted to save our marriage and I wanted to work at doing that.
The treatment was difficult, especially telling the story. Those first few sessions where we talked about how we met all the way through where we found ourselves in therapy with you were some of the most painful hours of my life. Hearing what was going through my husband’s mind all those years and hearing about what he did all those years was unfortunately horrible for me to hear, but also necessary for my husband to admit. Though terrible, it was also important for me to know what he really did in order to decide whether or not to give this marriage a shot.
The action plan was helpful in that we not only were able to read and see all of our issues and challenges (from your point of view), but were finally able to do something about them, hopefully fixing them.
What helped me was you were empathetic to both my husband and me. We both felt you were on our side. You helped us see what a healthy marriage should look like and encouraged us to have that.
I liked knowing, more or less, the plan for the upcoming sessions. I was able to prepare emotionally and not fear surprises.
By going through the steps, it felt like we were making progress, sometimes slowly, but still some steps forward.
Thanks Talal!


It feels like we have a brand new marriage!

Rated 5 out of 5

Talal is amazing!! In 3 short months with his help and our hard work, it feels like we have a brand new marriage! He helped us work through our communication struggles and built up resentments. He stayed neutral and non-judgemental while still calling us out when we were wrong.
He helped us see each others points of view and taught us the skills needed to work through conflict moving forward. I couldn’t be happier that we decided to go to Talal for help! My only regret is that we didn’t go sooner!!!

A. M.

I can't believe how much we have accomplished in only six sessions

Rated 5 out of 5

My wife and I have seen a couple different counselors in our 10 years together, but never seemed to get any real results. I can’t believe how much we have accomplished in only six sessions with Talal. He doesn’t beat around the bush and isn’t afraid to call me on my crap.
There were things he noticed and pointed out about the dynamics of our relationship that I had never considered, that no one else had seen or mentioned. He’s amazing. I look forward to finishing our ten sessions toward our current goal and then working with him more on future goals.

J. L.

He is insightful, intuitive, and genuine.

Rated 5 out of 5

Wow! Enough can’t be said about Talal’s approach to counseling. He is insightful, intuitive, and genuine. I’m so glad we found him. He was easy to book a session with and his 15 minute consultation really helped us to understand what he does and how we might benefit from his services. Anyone who needs help in their marriage really needs to see Talal.

J. W.

I'm amazed at how much more centered I am.

Rated 5 out of 5

I had a difficult time managing my stress and prioritizing my time. I’m happy that I reached out to Talal because he helped me figure out what was the root cause of all my stress and then helped me to de-clutter my life so that I could focus on what was important to me. I look back on how I was before working with Talal and I’m amazed at how much more centered I am. Thank you, Talal, for everything

S. P.

He is an excellent therapist who really knows how to treat couples dealing with infidelity.

Rated 5 out of 5

He is an excellent therapist who really knows how to treat couples dealing with infidelity. Just be prepared to hear the truth. Some people aren’t ready to hear the truth, but he always said he is a mirror not an echo. I liked that. His straight-forward approach helped me get through my problems without being able to lie to myself about my motivations for doing what I did and hurting my spouse.

P. S.

Our marriage is much stronger, thanks to Talal.

Rated 5 out of 5

Our marriage is much stronger, thanks to Talal. In fact, we’ve insisted that our daughter and her fiancé see him for pre-marital counseling so that they can avoid the same mistakes we made in our marriage so that they can have a healthier start in their life together.

A. W.

It really was amazing to see how Talal guided us and gave knowledgeable insight

Rated 5 out of 5

My husband and I had communication issues that were detrimental to our marriage. In the beginning it started out with us discussing our main problem and from there realized that there were other issues beneath that – but that were still directly related to our core issue. Talal revealed to us many ways of seeing each other’s side, showing us (and us realizing) both our strengths and weaknesses we each brought to the marriage, and gave us tools and ‘homework’ to work on those issues.
Each assignment made us really work on ourselves, sometimes not knowing if we would overcome that obstacle but it really was amazing to see how Talal guided us and gave knowledgeable insight – and not taking sides or shaming. Do we have a ways to go in continuing to work on our marriage and communication, absolutely, but we feel so much more confident in tackling it with respect and love. Thank you.

E. C.

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