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Autopsy Part 1 | Episode 17 – The Infidelity Chronicles: Season 1

In the last episode, we saw Ryan and Maria start the milestone of Choosing a Path of recovery. There are four important steps that need to take place to complete the milestone successfully:

One, identify the potential obstacles in the way of choosing a path.

Two, determine whether or not the type of relationship they had with one another prior to the infidelity can be an asset or a risk factor for rebuilding together.

Three, assess their performance in the previous milestones of getting the narrative of the affair and acknowledging the impact of infidelity. People who fail in the previous milestones are not ideal candidates for rebuilding their relationship.

Four, establish whether or not the type of infidelity that happened and why it happened is going to affect the path of recovery they choose, because remember, healing from infidelity doesn’t always mean repairing the relationship. It’s healing from the trauma and using it as a catalyst for positive change and growth.

Ryan and Maria completed the main bulk of these four steps successfully with a potential outcome for healing the relationship.

In this two-part episode, we will see Ryan and Maria see the clinical summary of all the factors that have contributed to the infidelities they have experienced throughout the course of their relationship with one another, which will be the last area of assessment they need to explore to get closer to choosing a path of recovery. Let’s take a look


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